The property is split into two houses about 80 meters apart. The main house, La Joya, has 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and the Casita, Joyita, has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is mains electricity. Water comes from our hill, and is treated in a small water house before coming into the buildings.
There is a 12m x 6m salt water pool in between the two properties. The shallow end is 1.5m deep.

La Joya

La Joya sleeps 8 (2 double beds and 2 twins) and has an added 5 meter covered terrace, with indoor and outdoor dining for up to 12 people. There is an outdoor shower, fully functioning kitchen area combined with a seated TV, DVD viewing space with fireplace. There is an oven, washing machine, dryer, two fridges and a fridge freezer and dish washer. The bedrooms have ceiling fans, but there is no air conditioning. Limited wifi.

a la joya house2
b la joya house
c pool
d terrace
e2 sandbags
e la joya
f poolview1
g poolview2
h terrace2
i la joya terrace
j interior3
k interior4
l2 double bedroom2
l la joya bedroom
m bathroom1
n twin bedroom4
o bathroom2

La Joyita

La Joyita sleeps 4 adults sharing (2 twins) and has a 3 meter mainly covered terrace with indoor and outdoor dining for up to 8 people. There is an outdoor shower, fully functioning kitchen area combined with a seated TV viewing space, washing machine, oven, fridge freezer and dish washer for people to be completely independent from La Joya if they desire. The bedrooms have ceiling fans, but there is no air conditioning. Limited wifi.
The living area makes a wonderful indoor art studio for when it is too windy or too hot to be outdoors.

a la joyita
b la joyita2
c pool
d pool2
e poolview
f la joyita interior2
g la joyita interior

Additional Information

Drinking water

The water in the taps is direct from the property’s natural spring and is safe and delicious to drink.

Computer, website and emails

There is broadband available in the house for your use. However, it is not set up for frequent downloading and streaming.

Car rental

There are 2 different rough tracks to the house from the road. The shorter one is 1m long, and the other is 1.5m. There are normally a couple of gates to open. If you’re making your way by car, high carriage is recommended.


There is a drink tray in the main room for you to help yourself whenever you want. If there is any particular drink you would like please let me know before your holiday.

Special Dietary Requirements

If you have a particular diet or dislike of some food, please let me know before your holiday.


We ask if loo paper can be put in the bins provided. This helps prevent the paper from drying inside the pipes which can cause unpleasant smells. The hot water can be very hot so please be aware. The house is fully tiled and if there is ever water on the floor it can be slippery.

Mosquitoes, wasps and bugs

From time to time there may be tiny black tics in the countryside or wasps looking for water. It is advisable to bring an Epipen or antihistamine if you are allergic to stings. We don’t tend to get mosquitoes.

The following equipment is supplied:

  • Swimming towel
  • Water bottle
  • Hair dryer
  • Basic medical supply


The week is very informal. We would recommend bringing something tidy for the cooler evenings. The daytime can still be hot in June, July, August and September. Because we are on a hill, there is often a light, warm breeze. There are overhead fans in the bedrooms, and the pool can be lit for midnight swims. It is unlikely to rain and if it does it will be only a few spots. However, you may want to bring a light waterproof of your own.

  • Air tickets, boarding pass and passport
  • Euros for shopping and extras
  • Camera and battery charge
  • UK to continental (2 round pin) adapter
  • Reading book (although we have a good selection to choose from)
  • Walking trousers and shoes - if out walking as there are prickles
  • Shorts
  • Skirt/Trousers (tidy)
  • Shirts (day/evening)
  • Socks & Handkerchiefs
  • Underwear
  • Nightwear
  • Jersey – thick and thin
  • Trainers/walking shoes
  • Sandals/Flip flops
  • Swimming costume
  • Wash bag, Shower hat
  • Hairbrush & Comb
  • Sun Hat & Sun Cream
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