Campo Abierto -The Domecq Horse show

A 20 minute drive and is open Wednesday and Saturday 11.30 to 1pm (no booking required) where the magnificent regional black fighting bulls and the skills of the “dancing” horse of the region are shown off outdoors.

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Jerez Horse Fair

Jerez hosts its week long Horse Fair which has been declared of International Touristic interest. There are over 200 "casetas" full of Jerezanos and visitors alike, wearing the traditional short-jacket suits and flamenco dresses, whilst dancing, drinking sherry and eating tapas.

Also in Jerez marvel at the famous Andalucian dressage horses at the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art. The regular horse shows held in the historic indoor arena are indescribably beautiful.


Montenmedio Golf Club (1 hour drive) is a stunningly attractive natural course wrapped around a smart hacienda-style clubhouse. There's a modern art gallery too and in the spring, the Riding Centre hosts world class show jumping and dressage.

Riding Lessons

Lucía and Sebastían are our French neighbours near to the Venta La Liebre and offer riding lessons at their school

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